Inspecting How COVID-19 Lockdowns So Simply Curbed American Freedoms

People nonetheless bear in mind how the COVID-19 pandemic led not solely to the lack of lives, however the lack of livelihoods.

As companies closed, the federal government grew in energy and People’ liberties shrank, contends journalist Cheryl Chumley, writer of the guide “Lockdown: The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom.”

“It was alarming to me how the left used concern to steal our constitutional, God-given rights,” Chumley says.

On-line opinion editor for The Washington Instances and host of the “Daring and Blunt” podcast, she has reported on Capitol Hill and lined state and native politics earlier than coming to Washington.

Chumley, who joins this episode of “The Each day Sign Podcast,” says the most important long-term impact of the federal government’s response to the pandemic could have been “shifting the mindset of Americans from considered one of individualism into considered one of collectivism.”

“I wrote ‘Lockdown’ principally as a glance again on the place the federal government bought it incorrect and the way the Democrats used it for political achieve, however extra importantly, trying ahead to how the Democrats plan to proceed to make use of a pandemic to segue into the subsequent trigger to justify persevering with lockdowns,” she says.

Take heed to the podcast under or learn the flippantly edited transcript.

Fred Lucas: We now have with us right now Cheryl Chumley. She is a veteran journalist in Washington, D.C., and she or he is the net opinion editor for The Washington Instances. And he or she goes to be with us right now to speak about her new guide “Lockdown: The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom.” Thanks for becoming a member of us.

Cheryl Chumley: It’s so nice to be with you. Thanks for having me.

Lucas: One query earlier than we soar into the meat right here of the guide. … We’re recording this sooner or later after the FBI raid of President [Donald] Trump’s dwelling in Florida, simply needed to get your tackle this and your preliminary ideas on that.

Chumley: My take is “wow.” … I’ve been in media so lengthy, watching politics and following how the left simply exploits no matter they’ll to grab particular person liberties from People. However once I noticed this headline come throughout my display screen final night, I ran out of my workplace and simply stared on the TV in the lounge. And my solely preliminary response was “wow.”

I simply can’t consider that that is going down in America. A former president of the USA’ private residence raided by the FBI, by scores of FBI brokers. And what’s most fascinating is that Trump is any individual who might be dealing with the sitting president for an election for the White Home in 2024. So it has all of the earmarks of weaponizing the regulation enforcement system towards Trump. And I simply suppose that there’s going to be a backlash towards this.

Lucas: OK, proper. So let’s soar into the guide. Once more, the title: “Lockdown: The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom.” And this seems to be into or delves in and investigates all the lockdown 12 months that we had in 2020. Some on the left and a few states carried it nicely into 2021, even. And I suppose if the left had their approach, it could nonetheless be occurring. However I suppose, inform us first, why did you determine to put in writing this guide?

Chumley: Effectively, I wrote this guide as a result of, at The Washington Instances, I wrote critically day by day from the very starting of the pandemic in regards to the authorities’s overreach. And that even included when Donald Trump was within the White Home.

And a number of the authorities’s response to the coronavirus I noticed as regarding to the safety of American liberties. However a minimum of Donald Trump did every thing he did out of affection for America and love and regard for Americans. The Democrats got here in they usually simply exploited the concern of the coronavirus so as to justify seizing particular person liberties.

So I wrote this guide as a result of it was alarming to me how the left used concern to steal our constitutional God-given rights. And greater than that, the deeper I dived into the analysis about what was occurring and the info versus the narrative that the Democrats had been utilizing to steal our liberties, the place this leads sooner or later.

So I wrote “Lockdown” principally as a glance again on the place the federal government bought it incorrect and the way the Democrats used it for political achieve, however extra importantly, trying ahead to how the Democrats plan to proceed to make use of a pandemic to segue into the subsequent trigger to justify persevering with lockdowns.

Lucas: I needed to ask you as a result of most of the—definitely the election regulation adjustments that occurred in 2020 had been numerous the issues that the left and Democrats had needed to do already for years. And that would most likely carry into another elements. I imply, simply by way of regulating what folks’s lives or issues perhaps the left needed to do for a very long time. Was this only a basic case of “by no means let a disaster go to waste”?

Chumley: Completely. And my, what number of, so some ways the Democrats used that virus to by no means let that disaster go to waste.

You talked about the election legal guidelines and truly, it’s been a priority, or it needs to be a priority for all of People that for a few years now, the mail-in balloting and the absentee balloting course of has been expanded.

It was once on this nation, it was fairly strict. We had an Election Day and aside from a number of exemptions and exceptions—No. 1, the army, in fact, however others, individuals who had been touring perhaps, or individuals who had disabilities, aside from these few segments, most People needed to make it to the polls on time they usually needed to vote. And other than that, being a kind of sobering actuality of take into consideration what it takes to vote and you must truly bodily go to the polls to vote. And that type of offers it a certain quantity of dignity.

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The very fact is Democrats have simply been pushing for expansions in mail-in balloting and absentee balloting for years. They usually lastly bought their trigger, their justification below the coronavirus.

But it surely’s not simply the balloting, it’s not simply the election. Have a look at what they’re doing to piggyback now from the virus into local weather change. And that is their subsequent massive leap so as to result in that “Nice Reset” we hear about so ceaselessly from the World Financial Discussion board.

Lucas: And so far as the extent to which the pandemic was politicized, I imply, we’ve had pandemics on this nation, heard rather a lot in regards to the comparisons throughout COVID to the Spanish flu and so forth and there have been others, pandemics, however this one was politicized greater than every other. I imply, was that solely as a result of it was in an election 12 months? Was it as a result of so many on the left needed it as a solution to beat Donald Trump over the top? What was the explanation this might need been extra politicized than previous pandemics?

Chumley: I feel it was to go after Trump as a result of for those who have a look at the info early on and also you have a look at how the medical bureaucrats within the federal authorities had been promoting the info to justify clampdowns, it doesn’t match up.

One of many early crimson flags for me was [Dr.] Anthony Fauci, when he got here out and made these dire gloom and doom predictions of demise based mostly on laptop modeling and he did that early on. And when he talked about laptop modeling getting used to foretell the widespread deaths from this virus, that was a crimson flag in my head as a result of that’s precisely what the local weather change, the novel environmental crowd makes use of to justify their regulatory controls on residents. They enter numbers based mostly on their finest guesses after which they take the numbers which can be output to name for radical clampdowns on freedoms.

And so environmentalists use this to create concern and hype, to name for controls on behaviors. And that’s precisely what Anthony Fauci was utilizing on the very starting of this virus to name for controls on human behaviors.

Lucas: One criticism that we now have heard of Trump on the market from conservatives, some individuals who’ve supported him previously, they felt like he listened an excessive amount of to Fauci, a minimum of early on within the state. Do you suppose that was the case?

Chumley: I do, I do. And I write about this in “Lockdown,” that Trump, by his personal admission, years and years in the past was a germophobe.

And so, if I’m within the deep state—I imply, let’s simply play this state of affairs. If I’m any individual for three-plus years who has been attempting to take down Trump and to convey him to his knees, principally, within the political world, and I’ve tried Russia collusion, and I’ve tried this and that for thus lengthy, after which right here comes this virus, what a terrific alternative. What a terrific alternative to exert some affect within the White Home the place usually Donald Trump would stand robust.

So … that’s simply my considered perhaps what this president, what Trump was pondering when he allowed Anthony Fauci such a public platform. And let’s not neglect [Dr.] Deborah Birx as nicely.

However I feel that was a political misstep for him. I’d have most popular if Donald Trump had saved Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, and all of the medical bureaucrats off the general public stage, huddled in a room discussing the best-case state of affairs for this virus and find out how to offset its impacts, however solely in context of bringing in different folks to debate it, too. Enterprise folks, mother and father in faculties, constitutional attorneys even. After which developing with a collaborative message on how finest to cope with this virus that doesn’t lock down a whole nation, which we now know was fairly pointless.

Lucas: Proper. Do you suppose folks, I suppose, ignored the Sweden mannequin throughout all this? I imply, we’ve adopted Sweden into NATO. I heard somebody say that we’ve adopted Sweden into NATO just lately, however for an entire 12 months we pretended they didn’t exist.

Chumley: Effectively, Kristi Noem didn’t, [Gov.] Kristi Noem in South Dakota. And afterward neither did Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida, although Florida went via its personal lockdowns early on. So it wasn’t fully exterior this lockdown chaos in America, however Kristi Noem in South Dakota, she just about saved issues open and working.

And sure, we definitely did, however you’ll be able to forgive early on when there’s a brand new virus, you’ll be able to forgive early on while you’re being bombarded with all sorts of knowledge and surveys and experiences and scientific finest medical advisements, and so forth. That’s why we would have liked a president to face robust and preserve freedom first after which medical remedy second.

However as the times and weeks wore into months, and we had been beginning to see in our personal nation knowledge that confirmed the uselessness of masks or the randomness of social distancing and the utter focusing on of sure companies versus different companies.

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For example, you would preserve open Goal and Walmart and marijuana outlets, however you must shut small mother and pop companies and church buildings and never sing in church buildings. As that grew to become the strategy of coping with this virus, we definitely ought to have fought again rather a lot tougher.

Lucas: OK. So I needed ask you for those who might speak about, I suppose, not simply through the pandemic, however I suppose long run, what kind of elements do you suppose have constitutional freedoms, Invoice of Rights have unequalled in the long run?

Chumley: Effectively, the most important factor—and there are lots of, and I’m going via this in my guide, each as a warning of what occurred and as a warning of what’s to return. However the largest factor that I noticed popping out of this coronavirus was the left and the globalist approach of shifting the mindset of Americans from one of many individualism into considered one of collectivism.

And as an example, we had been instructed that it was the person proper in America to decide on your personal medical and well being care strategies for your self and your loved ones, that’s how America has been for years. And instantly below this virus, we had been instructed to placed on a face masks, not a lot as a result of we believed within the energy of the face masks for ourselves, however even when we didn’t, to put on a face masks as a result of it made different folks really feel safer, it made different folks really feel protected.

And while you begin doing that, while you begin taking the federal government’s advisements, based mostly on what the federal government thinks is worried for the collective, you’re shedding your particular person proper to determine, you’re shedding your individualism in America. And also you’re shifting extra right into a state of collectivism, which, I feel, in the end is the place the globalists and leftists in control of exploiting the concern of this virus needed to guide America ultimately.

Lucas: Proper. Yeah. And mask-wearing grew to become a type of advantage signaling at one level.

Chumley: Sure.

Lucas: For a time.

Chumley: It definitely did.

Lucas: You make some references—one of many chapters talks about from pandemic to local weather to capitalism. Might you speak about that a little bit bit?

Chumley: Completely. And that’s proper out of the Nice Reset narrative. And I encourage folks to go to, which is the World Financial Discussion board’s personal web site, and skim what the founder Klaus Schwab has written in regards to the Nice Reset, as a result of a part of the issue is the mainstream media was allowed to promote the concept this Nice Reset was a conspiracy concept. Effectively, it’s not, it’s within the World Financial Discussion board’s personal phrases.

And what Klaus Schwab has envisioned for this pandemic is a complete change, first of the capitalistic system, the capitalistic mannequin. And what he says is that as an alternative of getting shareholder capitalism, reminiscent of we do in America, the place companies go into enterprise primarily to earn a living for themselves and their shareholders, we transfer into this mannequin known as stakeholder capitalism, the place companies go into enterprise, yeah, to earn a living, yeah, to make a revenue, however extra so to appease the curiosity of their stakeholders.

And stakeholders are described as anybody and everybody who has an curiosity in that enterprise. So that you’re speaking Black Lives Matter, you’re speaking your radical environmental teams, you’re speaking the neighbors who reside subsequent door to the enterprise. Everyone will get to have a say into this new stakeholder enterprise mannequin. And that’s rather more akin to communism than it’s to free market capitalism.

Then, as you proceed to learn via these Nice Reset paperwork, you discover out that Klaus Schwab in the end envisions roping in radical environmentalism and local weather change regulatory controls together with the pandemic.

A technique I seen in the previous few months that this has already began is there was this text within the journal Nature written by two scientists, as soon as once more, so-called specialists, who mentioned that if we don’t take rapid motion to do the federal government’s narrative about local weather change emissions, then individuals are going to die.

And their logic was that as extra people develop and populate the Earth, it’s going to pressure animals to depart these areas and to take up residence, take up dwelling inhabitants in nearer proximity to people. They usually’re going to convey their viruses with them into nearer proximity to people. Due to this fact, their logic is people will catch extra viruses and other people will die, folks will die and so forth.

In order that they’re already making the hyperlink and the soar from the virus to environmentalism.

Lucas: OK. Additionally, considered one of your chapters is a fairly daring title known as “Costume Rehearsal and the March to the New Fascism.” Might you clarify that a little bit bit?

Chumley: Effectively, once more, this goes to the globalist imaginative and prescient for America. Look, the globalist imaginative and prescient, name it the One World Order, the New World Order, the Nice Reset, or as Joe Biden himself calls it, the Construct Again Higher agenda—it’s all one and the identical.

It’s one thing that the left, these partaking, these collaborating on this new imaginative and prescient for the world have executed a terrific job as portray as conspiracy concept and it’s been within the works for many years now.

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But it surely’s additionally one thing that America has been the massive stumbling block to them bringing about this globalist imaginative and prescient for the world as a result of in America, our exceptionalism is predicated on the concept our rights come from God and authorities is barely there to protect and defend these rights.

So we’re totally different from all different nations on the earth that approach. And that’s what retains our authorities restricted and, extra importantly, subservient in its correct function to the folks. In order that’s been the stumbling block for these fascist-type, tyrannical forces on the earth.

America has stood robust towards this “One World Order” kind of imaginative and prescient. And now as a result of we now have a feckless president within the White Home who’s principally being steamrolled by these far-left globalist forces, it seems to be as if America is certainly crumbling from inside.

Lucas: Do you suppose there was a heavy socially liberal agenda right here? As a result of we do bear in mind, you talked about this a little bit bit in the past, closing church buildings, however they had been closing church buildings—a minimum of in California—and leaving strip golf equipment open. And that … rattled lots of people. Was that simply purely pushing a social agenda and utilizing the pandemic as an excuse?

Chumley: Effectively, in a approach, sure, it was pushing a social agenda as a result of, in fact, the tear down of the household unit performs proper into the left’s fingers to divide and conquer in America. If the household unit is a basis of society and a society is a basis for presidency, then it’s solely by pure logical extension that the left would wish to tear down the household unit. That’s the place all of the LGBTQ agenda comes from and so forth.

However while you converse of the church buildings closing specifically, I noticed that as an enormous clanging gong as a result of on this nation, if our rights come from God and authorities’s solely there to guard these rights, we have to preserve God alive and nicely on the general public stage. God-given rights are a blessing, however additionally they carry a accountability.

So it’s no coincidence that as America strikes an increasing number of secular, which, in fact, polls have been displaying that the final couple years that it opens the door for an increasing number of authorities to step in and exert controls in areas which they don’t have any rightful function to exert controls over.

So the closing of the church buildings in America, that was the one factor on this complete pandemic, on this complete authorities overreach to the pandemic, that was the one factor that stunned me as a result of I didn’t know that church buildings would fold and bend to a authorities dictate so shortly and on such a widespread foundation.

Lucas: I suppose we might additionally speak in regards to the function that Large Tech and the Large Media performed on this.

Chumley: Oh, completely. Effectively, Large Tech booted anyone with a countering narrative from the federal government, together with the man who truly was one of many key builders of those vaccines, of those messenger RNA vaccines. They booted him as a result of they thought that his viewpoint was radical.

However the function of the media was completely disgusting. And I embody even the so-called conservative media on this. I’ll simply identify Fox Information. Fox Information was very disappointing to me as a result of what the mainstream media did, and I’ll use Fox Information for example, they ran this working case depend for weeks within the backside proper hand nook of the tv display screen that simply confirmed on an ongoing second-by-second foundation what number of take a look at positives there have been, what number of case counts there have been, what number of deaths there have been. And this simply hyped and overhyped the panic and the concern that the American folks had been experiencing.

And what I detested in regards to the protection is that it got here absent any kind of context. Case counts by themselves, take a look at positives by themselves are meaningless. It doesn’t matter if one million folks in America take a look at constructive for the virus. The one factor that issues is what proportion of these million die from it versus get well, or what proportion of these million, if you wish to proper this, need to go to the hospital and be placed on oxygen so as to survive versus simply go dwelling and reside out their lives and get well on their very own.

And the media did a horrible job of placing into context issues that Americans wanted to have the ability to determine for themselves. First off, how fearful they need to truly be of this virus and second off, how finest they may defend themselves and their households from this virus. And once more, that fed into the entire mindset shift from individualism to collectivism.

Lucas: All proper. I feel that’s every thing. Actually respect you becoming a member of us right here. And people, please take a look at the guide “Lockdown” by Cheryl Chumley, she is a author for The Washington Instances. Her podcast is “Daring and Blunt.” So please examine that out. Thanks for becoming a member of us.

Chumley: Thanks a lot for having me.

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