George Soros and the Leftist Takeover of 18 Spanish-Language Radio Stations

A bunch related to far-left billionaire George Soros is taking up 18 Spanish-language radio stations, together with the long-lasting conservative discuss station Radio Mambi. 

“It’s a stab within the coronary heart of the neighborhood,” says Lourdes Ubieta, a former host at Radio Mambi. 

Radio Mambi gained a repute “as a station that serves the Cuban exile neighborhood,” Ubieta says, as a result of it spoke overtly concerning the harms of socialism and communism. 

When Ubieta and her colleague Dania Alexandrino discovered that Radio Mambi was going to be a part of the brand new Latino Media Community, they decided it was time to depart. The brand new community reportedly is funded primarily by Lakestar Finance, an entity affiliated with Soros Fund Administration.

“These folks from the left, these Democrats, they imagine that [by] shopping for these 18 radio stations, in some way they will management the opinion they ship [to] the Hispanic neighborhood,” Ubieta says.

Ubieta and Alexandrino be a part of this episode of “The Day by day Sign Podcast” to clarify why the left is concentrating on conservative Spanish-language media and the way Americano Media is working to furthering the values of religion, household, and patriotism.

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Take heed to the podcast beneath or learn the calmly edited transcript:

Virginia Allen: Eighteen Hispanic radio stations, together with the long-lasting Spanish-language conservative discuss present station Radio Mambi in Miami, are being taken over by the political left. Behind this takeover, partially, is the billionaire liberal George Soros. Lakestar Finance has partially funded the takeover of those 18 stations in a $60 million deal, and the funding group is affiliated with Soros Fund Administration.

So why is Soros shopping for up conservative Spanish-language radio stations? Right here with us to speak about that’s Lourdes Ubieta. She is the previous host of a present on Miami’s Radio Mambi. And in addition right here with us is Dania Alexandrino, who additionally formally labored for Radio Mambi.

Girls, thanks a lot for becoming a member of at the moment. It’s a pleasure to have you ever.

Lourdes Ubieta: Thanks a lot.

Dania Alexandrino: Thanks, it’s a pleasure to be right here.

Allen: So Lourdes, I wish to start by asking you, what precisely is occurring right here? Why are these stations, why are these particularly Spanish-language, 18 stations being purchased up by the left?

Ubieta: Nicely, the scenario, as you recognize, with Hispanic voters, they’re very conservative, and imagine it or not, this conservatism is rising in the USA. These folks from the left, these Democrats, they imagine that purchasing these 18 radio stations, in some way they will management the opinion they ship towards the Hispanic neighborhood. So in a manner, what they’re making an attempt to do is to silence the conservative voices, to introduce most liberal voices in these iconic radio stations like Radio Mambi.

Allen: OK, OK. And Dania, inform us just a little bit about what the mission of Radio Mambi has been. How would you describe that station?

Alexandrino: … Nicely, I used to be the most recent on-air anchor for Radio Mambi. I truly joined simply this previous April.

So I’ve at all times identified of Radio Mambi’s historical past as a station that serves the Cuban exile neighborhood, the station the place they discovered a house away from house, a station the place they had been in a position to categorical freely what they thought concerning the radical left and the Marxist beliefs which have destroyed the gorgeous island of Cuba for the previous over 60 years.

So after I was truly approached to be on air, to me, it was an honor as a result of I’m not Cuban, I’m Puerto Rican. So it was odd, however on the similar time, it was an important honor as a result of I knew what Radio Mambi represented to the Cuban exile neighborhood, what it meant to them, and the status that it has in Miami. That’s principally what Radio Mambi was and continues to be, to a sure extent, to the Cuban exile neighborhood.

Allen: Yeah. And Lourdes, you will have described this takeover of those 18 stations as a stab within the coronary heart. Why do you say that?

Ubieta: As a result of Mambi has been the—I’d say the sunshine. The sunshine of hope, of dignity, of freedom for the Cuban neighborhood in exile, for the Venezuelan neighborhood additionally in exile, Nicaraguan neighborhood, additionally in exile.

You see, all these communities collect right here in South Florida. And in Radio Mambi, we discuss to that folks. We’re the voice of the exiles. And for me, it’s a stab within the coronary heart of the neighborhood. And as you say, and I’ve mentioned earlier than, and it’s a disgrace. It’s very painful and it’s very unhappy, actually.

Allen: Yeah. So what occurs now to your station that you-all have invested lots of yourselves in, that has been this actually sturdy conservative outlet for therefore lengthy and voice to your neighborhood? What’s going to occur now?

Ubieta: Nicely, if this continues to go the best way it’s going, I imply, I’m speaking concerning the promoting of the station, not the method, on the finish of the day, they’re going to take over. The Soros individuals are going to take over the stations. And we must see what will occur with this iconic sign. For now, there are nonetheless there some very conservative folks.

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The choice to depart Mambi is a really private resolution. I respect the individuals who depart and likewise the individuals who keep, as a result of every of us give a struggle the easiest way we expect we are able to struggle.

So, some folks assume that by staying within the station beneath these circumstances, they’re doing a great job towards freedom of speech, and liberty, and giving the struggle. And for others like me, I’m simply not going out, taking part in the video games. I simply left. I simply determined that I don’t wish to be a part of the deal or be remembered like I used to be there throughout these occasions. No, my resolution was simply to depart.

Allen: Yeah. However I do know that you simply’re staying within the struggle within the sense of, you’re persevering with to essentially be part of the conservative media area and the Spanish-language conservative media area. Speak just a little bit about that.

Ubieta: I’m very pleased to be in Americano Media, and I’m going to let you know why. First time they contact me final 12 months they usually informed me … we wish to be the primary nationwide conservative media broadcaster in Spanish, I used to be so excited as a result of we want that so badly in the USA. There’s a lot misinformation towards the Spanish neighborhood. And I used to be like, “Oh my God, that is the place I wish to be.”

And you recognize, typically it’s a must to watch out with what you want, as a result of want has come by means of. Proper now, I’m right here and I’m full time now in Americano, and I’m very pleased and I’m very pleased for my neighborhood.

The Hispanic neighborhood wants these voices like Dania, like Nelson [Rubio], like Lucia [Navarro]. We’re making a great workforce right here, and I believe that is going to be a really profitable media community.

Allen: Yeah, yeah. Dania, share just a little bit about what the mission is of Americano Media.

Alexandrino: Nicely, the mission is to really be the voice of these Hispanic People which might be pleased with the freedoms this nation was based and stands on, and be the voice for individuals who share our ideas, our values, as a result of Latinos or Hispanics, we’re conservative by nature.

We imagine in God, we imagine and worry God. We imagine within the household establishment, and we’re aspirational. We don’t like dependency. We additionally care rather a lot about our youngsters’s training. In order that’s what Americana represents. Americana represents these basic values which have made this nation nice for a few years, since its inception and it’s founding.

That’s what our mission is, is to be the voice for these, who for a very long time didn’t really feel that they had been being represented by the opposite nationwide Spanish-speaking networks. And I say this as someone who labored in these different stations and knew that behind the scenes what was being mentioned, however in entrance of the cameras, most tried actually arduous to attempt to promote a notion that they had been balanced, however I knew it wasn’t that manner.

Then in 2016, an individual got here out and introduced a candidacy that principally eliminated a masks from all of those nationwide networks, together with the Spanish-language nationwide networks. So Americano was born, principally, to provide the viewers the opposite aspect of the story, the aspect of the story that’s usually hidden from our folks in an effort to manipulate them.

So certain, we welcome immigrants, however let’s do that in an orderly vogue. Let’s do it. It is a nation of regulation and order. And in order that’s principally what we attempt to do, is we attempt to educate our folks. We attempt to be a voice for individuals who usually felt that the opposite networks didn’t characterize who they’re and their values.

Allen: Yeah. Whenever you-all discuss to folks in your neighborhood, what are a few of their greatest issues? What are the issues that they’re saying to you? “Oh, you recognize, I’m enthusiastic about this. That is overwhelming me.” What are you listening to from them?

Alexandrino: One of many important issues that I usually hear from my listeners, and from whichever of the reveals that I do, that I host, is that they’re involved concerning the route the nation has taken. They’re involved about their monetary well-being. Many individuals are involved.

For instance, our viewers at Radio Mambi had been senior residents. Lots of them had been seeing their financial savings dwindling. Lots of them couldn’t afford to purchase remedy. They had been spending principally their retirement and their Social Safety checks in gasoline cash, in groceries as a result of they noticed their grocery invoice multiplying. In order that’s principally certainly one of our important issues.

Then the opposite one was the continued assault on God, on our values, on our religion, and the way Christians are sometimes beneath assault, not simply around the globe, however on this nation, significantly from the mainstream media. And the truth that we’re a station that defends God, that has God as our important supplier, creator, I believe that folks actually recognize that.

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Allen: Yeah. And what’s the Hispanic neighborhood saying about, actually, the left now shopping for up these 18 radio stations? Have you ever-all talked to people? Are you aware what they’re pondering, what their ideas are on that?

Alexandrino: Oh, nicely, I’m certain I converse for Lourdes, we get these messages each single day on all of our social media. I imply, we get inboxes, we get feedback on our social media publish. We get nearly each type of response you’ll be able to presumably think about.

Individuals are upset, they’re hurting as a result of the one bastion that they noticed because the epitome of what being a conservative Hispanic was was beneath assault.

We’ve been beneath assault for fairly some time, as a result of this try at censorship of Hispanic, conservative voices has been ongoing for fairly some time. … The Hispanic Congressional Caucus has been deliberate, has been very simple about their intent to silence voices like Lourdes, like myself.

I’ve principally challenged Congressman Darren Soto usually and on the air to an interview, in order that he can come on my present and inform me word-for-word, day, time as to what, in accordance with him, is the disinformation that he claims I present my viewers.

And he’s by no means accepted an interview. Why? As a result of he is aware of that my opinion is substantiated by details, and that’s what he fears. He fears details and he fears the truth that individuals are awake, that individuals are not woke, they usually’re bored with this woke agenda. We see that each day with the messages we get on all of our social media.

Individuals are upset, however they’re able to struggle. They’ve determined to be silent now not. And I usually say that to my viewers. I used to be like, “You might want to depart worry within the drawer, within the closet. Go away it someplace. However this isn’t the time to be scared.”

Allen: Mm-hmm. And we see folks like newly elected Rep. Mayra Flores of Texas, who’s taking a stand. Her platform is her religion, and a love of nation, and God, and of household. And that, I believe for therefore many People, that’s a message that resonates, proper? That’s a message that basically speaks to all of us, irrespective of our background.

Ubieta: … Virginia, we’re Latinas, however we’re People. And we’re Latinas. We’re Latinas with out an “X,” OK? … No X, no X right here, and no taco right here. No taco right here and no X right here. We’re Latinas, and we’re precisely as Mayra Flores describes us.

We now have a God in our life. We attempt to construct our households. We give the struggle to offer for our households. We’re struggling like anybody on this nation with this financial system, and we now have these values in our coronary heart. However amongst all this, we’re People and we aren’t going wherever, and no one’s going to silence us. Nobody goes to silence us.

That’s why I’m so pleased that we now have interviews with journalists such as you and that we now have a spot to work like Americano Media. Let me let you know, it is a struggle in opposition to conservatism. And once more, conservative host and Spanish.

Now that they know that that is the primary minority in the USA, and that the folks is switching their vote, once they see that President [Joe] Biden solely has 32%, 33% approval of Hispanics vote, they’re very scared. They’re very scared they usually do these loopy issues like shopping for 18 radio stations, like if Hispanics are idiots they usually’re going to go vote as a result of somebody is telling them what to do from a radio station. That’s loopy.

We don’t vote for somebody telling us in a radio station what we now have to do. We vote as a result of inflation is killing our pockets, as a result of our individuals who have two, three shifts to make sufficient cash to pay, to offer for his or her children.

They’re actually struggling, Virginia, like some other American. It doesn’t matter if you’re African American, or Hispanic, or you’re from Oklahoma, or from South Dakota, or from New York Metropolis. It doesn’t matter the place you had been born. If you’re in the USA proper now, you’re struggling. That’s the reality. And Hispanics, they don’t seem to be idiots, and we aren’t tacos. We’re not Latinx. We’re not all the identical.

What’s frequent amongst all of us are these values that this congresswoman mentioned. These are the values that all of us share. Even similar in case you come from Mexico, in case you come from Venezuela, or in case you come from Puerto Rico, from Dominican Republic, or from Panama, doesn’t matter from no matter you come.

Alexandrino: Simply after what Lourdes says, and it’s one thing that even … Congresswoman Mayra Flores mentioned, Latinos have these values so grounded in our tradition that … God, household, nation are so essential that everyone turns into household. I imply, Latino households are so large that … even the neighbor turns into “tia” and “tio.”

Ubieta: And the coworkers—”comadre” and “compadre.”

Alexandrino: In order that’s how essential household is to us. That even people who find themselves shut and pals change into household. And that’s what’s beneath assault on this nation at this second. We now have God beneath assault, we now have our values beneath assault, and we now have household beneath assault—a very powerful issues which have made this nation nice for over 240 years.

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And whether or not you’re an immigrant like Lourdes, who turned an American citizen, or whether or not you’re born an American citizen like myself, who was born in a U.S. territory, we worth these ideas. We worth and we cherish every little thing that makes America nice. And that’s the explanation why we do what we do.

Let me simply offer you an anecdote of an viewers member that shared with me one thing, and he mentioned to me just lately, he misplaced his mother-in-law. He mentioned, “I simply wish to thanks as a result of for the primary time in her life, my mother-in-law voted Republican in 2020. And that was due to you. You and your reveals made her notice that she was being lied to her whole life.”

It’s tales like that that matter and make what we do right here at Americano much more essential. It’s preserving these values, preserving that household, preserving every little thing that makes this nation superb.

Ubieta: And you recognize one thing, Virginia, and to your viewers I believe is essential, I’m not a Republican and I’m impartial, and … additionally they assault us. “No, as a result of all these are Republicans.” First, I’m an impartial, a conservative impartial.

So, what I wish to level out with that is that there are hundreds of thousands of Hispanic conservative independents; that they don’t seem to be essentially becoming a member of a political get together or they don’t seem to be affiliated to a political get together like me. I by no means affiliated to a political get together, not as a result of I’ve something in opposition to the Republicans, no. Simply because, as a journalist, I say, I’d slightly be impartial, so I can discuss, I can assault each of them.

Allen: Preserve it there! I find it irresistible.

Alexandrino: All of the years I labored as a journalist, that’s precisely what I did. I by no means related myself with any get together, as a result of I didn’t wish to should go to vote in primaries. Mainly, as a journalist, I needed to keep up that independence, and never solely that, however in Puerto Rico—I lived in Puerto Rico for 10 years, though I grew up in Boston. Primaries, if you go to vote for primaries, it’s so particular that folks know what get together you’re voting at, as a result of in case you belong in a single get together, you vote on this aspect of the Electoral School. For those who vote for one more get together—so folks know which get together you’re voting for.

That’s one more reason why I used to be utterly impartial, as a result of I didn’t wish to be seen. I used to be a TV journalist, so I didn’t wish to be seen on a voting line and be like, “Oh, that’s the place she’s registered.” Nevertheless it wasn’t till the second that I truly stepped except for journalism, turned a journalism professor, that I truly determined that is the place my ideas and my values are, I’m not afraid to say it.

I grew up in a really liberal metropolis. A metropolis that had not seen a Republican mayor since 1932, and that’s town of Boston. However in some way I used to be completely different, I believed in another way. I at all times questioned every little thing, and I suppose I used to be destined to be a lawyer, however I didn’t change into a lawyer, so I turned a journalist, which is the opposite choice of being, questioning every little thing. My mother at all times mentioned my mouth and my questioning would get me in hassle sooner or later.

Allen: So right here you’re.

Ubieta: So right here she is. In order that’s what I used to be saying, and that’s what I needed to level on the market. We’re hundreds of thousands of Hispanics which might be impartial, and they’re conservative due to these values that this congresswoman, she urged, and he or she’s completely proper.

Allen: Yeah, yeah. Nicely, we thanks for a lot, for each of you, for the best way that you’re each standing for these values that, as People, all of us maintain pricey. I believe that’s so essential, it doesn’t matter what aspect of the aisle that you simply’re on, that we’re standing up for religion, that we’re standing up for household, that we’re standing up for our nation. So sincerely, thanks each.

And for all of our listeners, if you need to study extra about Americano Media, test them out. Be sure you observe the work that each Lourdes and Dania are doing.

Girls, thanks a lot to your time at the moment. We actually recognize you becoming a member of the present.

Ubieta: Virginia, thanks. It’s important to come to our reveals in Americano now, it’s a must to. It’s important to name. It’s important to come.

Allen: Thanks.

Alexandrino: And I wish to say bye and thanks by reminding your viewers of 1 factor that certainly one of our Founding Fathers mentioned: “Stand for one thing or die for nothing.”

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